A Terrific Event for a Good Cause!

Havens Center Auction- A Terrific Event for a Good Cause!

The Havens Center provides a great place for groups and individuals throughout our community to gather, socialize, and share ideas.  The auction provides over 20% of the Havens Center budget each year.   This year’s theme is Winter Wonderland – so come prepared for a delightful evening.

There are a number of tantalizing items up for bid again this year including:

  • A Weekend Getaway in Galveston – A fabulous retreat at a private residence.
  • One Week at Martha’s Vineyard – Spend your vacation relaxing at a private residence in this beautiful area of national preeminence.
  • Walking Tour of Glenwood Cemetery – Are you a history buff?  Bid on a guided walking tour of the burial grounds dating back six generations of Houstonians, including the last President of the Republic of Texas.
  • Numerous Amazing Pieces of Artwork – Local artists from the St. Stephen’s Parish display amazing talent and creativity, available for your bid.
  • Photography of Dr. John Lienhard – Parish member and nationally syndicated NPR radio host of “The Engines of Our Ingenuity” Dr. John Lienhard is also an accomplished photographer.  You won’t want to miss these amazing photos.

These are just some of the amazing items up for bid this year!

Get your tickets now!

To Buy Tickets:

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