Thank you for supporting the Havens Center!

We wanted to thank you for helping put together, attending, donating, and bidding on our auction items at the 2011 Havens Center Auction!

The Havens Center provides a great place for groups and individuals throughout our community to gather, socialize, and share ideas.  The auction provides over 20% of the Havens Center budget each year.

This year we have raised $21,710 from the auction sales and an estimated $3000 in ticket sales.

Check out this list of 5 things that you might not know about the Havens Center …

1. The Center is in full use, fully funded and appropriately staffed to support multiple programs and activities including education, culture, performing and visual arts, and is used as a gathering place or meeting space for community groups as well as social opportunities for children and adults.

The Havens Centers after school program includes the following activities:
Visual Art
Belly Dancing
West African Drumming
Writing Workshops
Guest Lecturers
Media Projects
Internet Access

2. We connect people with needed services and support.

3. The Center encourages volunteerism among the parish, the day school, Lanier and the community, offering training and opportunities.

4. The building is available for space rental.

5. A few groups that currently use the building are:
La Leche League, Texas Liver Coalition, Wonlande (West African Drumming Class, Saturdays, 10-11:30am), Houston Institute for Culture.

We appreciate your continued support in our mission to “To love our neighbors by providing programs for youth and addressing community needs, always mindful of the poorest among us who are often overlooked.”

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