From The Rector – Rev. Lisa Hunt

Dear People of God,

This season after the Epiphany we have been focusing on letting our lights shine.  Our focus has been on the world—how we may serve in Jesus’ name.

One of the best gifts I got this Christmas was a heavy duty purse-sized flashlight.  I thought at the time that it was kind of a curious prize—I would never think to buy such a thing for myself, let alone to give to someone else.  It was the size and heft of an industrial can of mace.

It turned out to be fantastic.  After all, when you or someone else is in the dark, there is no substitute for light.  This is obvious literally.  But it true figuratively as well.

If a group or oneself, for that matter, is gripped by fear, hate, ignorance or prejudice, light is the very thing that dispels the fog.  Light may take the form of laughter, joy, information, poetry, action, kindness.  Where there is light there is no darkness.

As we head into Lent, let’s not forget the wisdom of the season after the Epiphany and shine on!

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