Apologia for the Hipsterati

Today I begin a new take on my St. Stephen’s blog.  Serving as a Christian priest in the heart of Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, it is common for the folks I meet to cringe inwardly.  “Christian” is hardly a great tag these days with my community.  “Christians” are seen as narrow minded, judgmental, elitist–kind of like, well, hipsters.

So I have decided to use this forum as a way to explore and share Christian faith.  “Apologia” is the traditional word for a defense or presentation of a belief or truth.  I also recognize that Christians have much to apologize for in the usual sense My point here is to engage, not to proselytize .  While I don’t share the “whiteness” of many hipsters, I do get the ironic perspective on the world, a longing for greater authenticity and purpose–apart from commercial value.

I use “hipsterati” as a way of interacting with those who value ideas, beauty, individuality, and novelty.  I share a common longing with those who seek the edgy places and ideas; who want honesty and to care truly for their neighborhoods in urban, evolving places.

So I begin this walk around faith in my neighborhood.

The Reverend Lisa Hunt


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