Church/School Relationship

Dear People of God,

One of the exciting things in my week is that I got to participate in the first meeting of the Head of School Search Committee for St. Stephen’s School.  This group of committed representatives of our Church and School are taking upon themselves, at our request, a critical job of spiritual discernment.  Who will lead this major ministry of our parish? How can we participate in what God is already doing doing through the mission of our School?

How far we have come together as Church and School!  In 2005 I suspect that few of us could have imagined sharing staff members, other than clergy, with one another.  We probably would not have considered going into debt for the good of the other.  We would not have seen a member of the congregation being pegged to serve as an interim Head, but here we are.

So my first task an ex officio member of the Search Committee is to write the section of the profile which will describe the relationship of our Church and  our School to candidates for the position of Head.   I need your help…

How would you describe the relationship?

I look forward to your comments.




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