Fast, Pray, Give Alms

As we heard on Ash Wednesday, the call of Lent is to fast, pray, and give alms. As a community we are offering opportunities to do all three.

1. We will be abstaining from feasting together.
2. Our study opportunity, Fertile Ground, invites us to make room in our week from busyness and errands to reflect personally on our behaviors and attitudes which keep us from embodying God. Simultaneously, we make room in ourselves for God to change us and open us to new ways of being.

1. Attend Sunday Eucharist.
2. Take time daily for prayer, use the Lenten meditation books from Episcopal Relief andĀ Development, if it helps.
3. Join us for Eucharist on Thursdays at noon. We’ll go for lunch following, for those who choose.

1. Save your coins for the united thank offering which we will collect on Easter.
2. Give a gift to an unemployed friend.
3. Give up a meal a week and give the money you would have spent to an organization which feeds the hungry.

Lent is a time for growth, listening, and quiet change. We do it together.

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