Tears – So Close to the Surface

Dear People of God,

One of the most important realities of life with God is that there is no feeling which cannot be aired.  Disbelief, doubt, anger, cynicism, rage, love, excitement, attraction, joy and so many others have a place in the full life in Christ.

As a preacher, standing before the Body to offer a Word is one of the most vulnerable and exposed postures imaginable.  One really is letting it all out before God and everybody, or it feels that way.

As we approach this period in Lent, the fruit of our practice is taking shape.  We may be tired.  The thing from which we are abstaining is all we can think about.  The practice we have taken on still feels foreign, if more familiar.  We also may have greater access to our emotions.

It is not unusual for tears to find their way to the surface of our bodies…our hidden pain taking outward and visible form, the stuff of sacrament.  Orthodox Christians speak of tears as a second baptism.  If we observe them in ourselves be gentle.  If we see them in others be respectful.   Each of us is like a catechumen, preparing for baptism at Easter.




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