Courage of a Middle Manager

Dear People of God,

Sometimes it’s tempting to think that nothing we do makes a difference.  Nobody will listen to us.  The problems of the world are overwhelming, more than any one person can address.  And then you come across the witness of a person, a nobody, who speaks the truth and the earth (or at least our minds) begin to shift.  Such was the case last week when Greg Smith published a piece in the New York Times, headed, “Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs”.  You can read it here

A middle management kind of guy, Smith had the courage or audacity to say in public what many have thought in private.  The culture of profit at all costs is corrupt and that it has taken hold of a once proud institution.

Raising a similar question from another angle, Michael Sandel writes in the Atlantic Monthly “What isn’t for Sale?”  You may read it   He points out that critical human concerns like friendship, citizenship, education, war can’t be adequately grasped through a monetary lens.

Throughout this season the Gospels have been exhorting us to lose our lives to find them, to take up our cross, to repent, to come into the light.  It is good to see that as Christians, we are not the only ones holding such quirky notions.

Speak your truth!




One thought on “Courage of a Middle Manager

  1. Lisa

    Once again,you have framed a current event in an inspiring way. Thank you for all you do to make the Gospels relevant in our modern world.

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