Practicing Resurrection & Reconciliation

Dear People of God,

Perspective shifts can happen suddenly or imperceptibly.  Sometimes one is aware that the world is changing—I think of 9/11 in that way.  But other events are more subtle, but no less troubling—the death of Treyvon Martin or the killings in Tulsa come to mind.

In the post-Easter world, Jesus’ followers went from being Jewish students of an itinerant rabbi to being followers of the Risen One.  Their lives were altered in ways they could only imagine that Easter morning.

Resurrection brings changes in the way we experience the world too.  From death, grief, desolation, fear, anger, aimlessness, we care called radically and/or gradually to life, joy, community, love, peace, and purpose.  The death and resurrection of Jesus form the foundation for our perspective as his followers.  Being a Christian does not inure us to suffering and death; instead we are committed to the reality that these are not God’s last word.

These next 50 days are the time we are challenged to practice resurrection.  We may end up seeing healing, where we were convinced there was only illness.  We practice reconciliation where before we collapsed into mindless racism.  We treat others with peace instead of suspicion.

It’s Easter.  Alleluia.



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