Dear People of God,

Happy Easter!

 I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a witness to the resurrection.  Each of the Gospels speaks in a different way to the experience of the disciples of the Risen Christ.  What would it look like today?

I’m not talking about resuscitation or the guy who takes 40 gazillion vitamins and has made arrangements for his brain to be frozen.  I mean to witness being raised from death to life.

I had the privilege this week of having a meal with a newcomer to our community.  He had been raised in an Episcopal church, but he told me his practice of faith did not really take off until he joined the Marines and witnessed the practice of his roommate.  His colleague was a Christian whose discipline was regular and whose spirit and leadership were extraordinary.  He watched how he prayed, worshipped, studied, gave.  He wanted to be like his colleague.  He began to practice too.

Giving witness to the resurrection may not be flashy, magical, glam.  It may mean having hope, joy, and peace in our bearing in the midst of pain, fear, and loss.  It may mean carrying grace when others don’t seem to be able to do so.  Resurrection abounds because Jesus is here.



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