Finding the Divine in Thin Places

You never know how God will be present in seemingly random acts of kindness and justice.  Today I experienced two such glimpses through our ministry here.

St. Stephen’s will host a vigil protesting the death of Yokamon Hearn by lethal injection in Huntsville.  A group of Quakers coordinates these vigils each time a prisoner is put to death in our name.  St. Stephen’s is part of the site rotation.  It turns out that Naomi, one of our new members who was baptized here on Pentecost, has represented Mr. Hearn for six years as his lawyer.  She called to thank us for being witnesses in this way and to thank us for the support of her ministry.  She will be with his family as he is executed tonight.

The other peek at God action today took the form of Everett.  He called to tell me that he was being released from the hospital and that he has discovered that he has diabetes and will most likely become blind.  Everett has now been clean for one year.  He called to tell me that our ministry to him enabled him to get off the streets and to come to faith.  He also said that his faith will give him strength to face his surgery and the outcome.

I don’t believe in magic.  I am all about the scientific method.  I take subatomic parts seriously.

But I also know that if you look, you can find healing and hope; possibility and love poke through unexpectedly.  You can call it God or not.  I choose to see the divine in these oh so thin places.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Divine in Thin Places

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Your post reminded me of how my faith has blossomed as a result of crushing events that I have gone through on a personal level. There are times when anger and confusion hit me like a wave crashing into the rocks but then there always seems to be insight that changes the anger and confusion to sadness and realizations and those morph again into understanding and faith. Even in places that were thin and dark faith has always brought me to breadth, depth, and light. Faith in God is such an amazing and powerful thing to be able to allow us to open our eyes to see things in different ways albeit true sight does not always come when we want it to.


  2. So true about the thin places where we are stretched, and there is always one around the next corner. Please let the congregation know what we can do for Everett and how we can best direct our prayer. I had noticed he was not around the past few weeks and wondered.

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