Making Community

As we are kicking into the academic New Year around St. Stephen’s, I am struck by how much of our mission involves us in the fostering of human beings.  We will begin our Christian Education offerings for children and youth on August 26, our offerings in mission and study will be showcased in the Outreach Festival on the 26th after church, our day school students will enter freshly painted halls on August 27, and our afterschool program which will welcome middle school students on August 27 as well.  Our Christian ministry is predicated on the care and love we find in Christ.  In turn we offer it for the life of the world.

You cannot buy community, you make it.

There is much talk now on the eve of the party conventions of the role of government and its size.  Many of us disagree about this.  One thing is sure to me, the size and role of government or markets is not synonymous with the vision and requirements of Christian faith and practice.  As Christian citizens of the United States, my primary loyalty and values are shaped by the Scripture, Christian tradition and reason.  The bottom line for me is not profit, but human dignity.  At the end of the day what is important for me is not change that I can believe in, but whether the poor are truly cared for and that I don’t kill God’s children.

I am reading Michael Sandel’s new book, What Money Can’t Buy:  The Moral Limits of Markets.  He argues that economics is an insufficient lens through which to make decisions on many moral issues.  He is not an anti-capitalist; rather he suggests that while markets are good for many things, alone they fail us in determining the good.

We are entering a new season.  May we engage in learning, in creating, and in questioning.



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