Overlaps in Justice

It is so exciting when there are overlaps between what is happening in the church and what is occurring in the world.  This week I was privileged to be a little bitty part of two movements for justice.  I participated in a panel discussion at the Alley Theatre on same sex marriage and I worked with a newcomer to St. Stephen’s to get him registered for temporary residency in the United States under the President’s executive order for young people raised in this country.

There was palpable joy, anxiety, and anticipation in both of these settings.  The audience at the Alley listened attentively, their faces eager for equality and full citizenship.  The young person in my office smiled as he recounted how all the steps are coming together for his application.  There was also anxiety in both settings—might this opportunity for inclusion be snatched away?  Is it too tentative, the possibility of full dignity?  I also sensed in both settings the hope that God or history was bending toward them; they could conceive of a future that was full.

We often talk about discerning God’s presence and will in the world around us.  I am thrilled when it happens and I am aware of it.  I am also grateful when I can represent our congregation in those moments of witness.  Together as God’s People we are bearing testimony to the righteousness of God’s justice.

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