You ARE a blessing!

This Sunday we begin a season in our congregation’s life of considering stewardship.  Specifically, we are considering the meaning, presence, and function of blessing in our lives.

“Blessing” is one of the church words that the culture around us has adopted.  Politicians, comedians, store clerks all speak of being “blessed,” counting “blessings,” and having “ blessed days”.  I find this generally to be a happy thing.  The practice of gratitude is a foundational spiritual discipline and given the fractious nature of our culture at present, Americans can use language and practices which bring us together.

Walter Bruggemann, a noted Old Testament scholar, says that the Hebrew word for blessing, barak, can be understood to be the life force of creation itself.  In this view, blessing goes beyond possessions, socioeconomic status, or health.  Blessing is the very nature of the universe.  By being we are a blessing, along with everyone and everything that is.

As you go about your day today, consider yourself a blessing.  As you do so see how that changes what you think, how you feel, what you do.

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