No further discussion…

It’s hard when you are called a racist in an environment where discussion is not possible.  I had such an experience the other night as I was walking to my car alone in a deserted street.

A man called out behind me.  I was unsure if he was a member of my dinner party or a stranger.  I was aware of being alone in the dark, with no one around.  I peeked over my shoulder to see who was speaking.

“Don’t worry.  This black man is not going to steal your purse.”  It was the voice of a young man who was well dressed.  I looked back at him and said, “I didn’t think you were.”

He came up alongside me and said, “I was calling to my girl friend in this car.” 

“Have a good night,” I said. 

“You too,” he said, as he climbed into his car.

I don’t know how often that experience happens to him.  I know it doesn’t happen to me.

One thought on “No further discussion…

  1. I hear you and try to think of this point when I am alone and concerned about a stranger. I *think* a lot of my fears are not race so much as gender. If I am alone and a man approaches me, whether in a grocery store parking lot or walking down the street to my car, I feel threatened. It is hard to feel in those moments that I can name my feelings sexism, although perhaps technically it is. I wish men more often approached women in ways that suggested they understand valid concerns for physical safety in a culture that sometimes even celebrates violence against women.

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