Same Sex Open Forum

I am enjoying the Adult Forum I have been leading this fall, preparing our congregation for offering the blessing of same gender covenants.  It has been fascinating to listen to the different perspectives folks bring to the conversations.  Single straight people, divorced gay people, transgendered folks who aren’t in relationship, young lesbians who are all bring wisdom and insight to the table.

What has surfaced for me is how wrong my assumptions were coming into this process.  I thought that the questions and issues would pretty much mirror those which straight folks bring to marriage.  Instead, I am coming to know that the gift of couples seeking same-gender covenants bring to the Church is a more sophisticated theological dimension.  When we are not talking about biological function or property rights, we are talking about the nature of fruitfulness, fidelity, companionship, the hope of reconciliation.

This Sunday we will be discussing how this rite will be offered at St. Stephen’s and the preparation which will be required.  I hope you bring your perspective and come to join the dialogue at 9:30 a.m. in Pecore Hall.


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