Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes it is hard to know how one is progressing in the journey of one’s life.  It’s not like we have a steady point on the horizon that we can focus on to determine distance covered.  This is true in measuring the growth of community as well.

Last year was filled with challenges for us at St. Stephen’s—staff members left; we were tapped to roll out same gender covenant blessings; a new head of school was sought and found; the financial landscape shifted.  In the midst of it all I found myself concentrating on keeping moving.  Sometimes it felt like I was rowing in a circle.

This past weekend St. Stephen’s exercised our annual practice of inventorying what we have done, what we have spent, and began the next steps of our journey together.  It was in preparing for our Annual Meeting and reviewing the goals and accomplishments that I realized the distance we have traveled together.  Our corporate practice is not such a bad one for individuals either.

Articulating hopes and dreams, moving with intention and allocating resources, acting as best we can, and evaluating the outcomes is the basic rhythm of Christian practice.  St. Ignatius of Loyola laid this process out in his Spiritual Exercises.  Tomorrow is the end of the first month of the year.  It is not too late to name your hope for this New Year.

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