Governance Matters

One of the curiosities about moving to Texas was to hear how folks talked about the State Legislature being in session.  People would roll their eyes and comment about how they hoped not much damage would be done while they were in session.  This was new to me.  Having lived in a state capital, Nashville, I was always caught up in the movements of issues and priorities.

Governance is about power—who has it; who sets priorities; whose values govern resource allocation.  When we neglect governance, we are leaving a good portion of our moral universe up for grabs.  Who serves in the Congress, the State Legislature, the City Council matters.  How they vote effects things and people we care about like the environment, the mentally ill, school children.

The same is true on the Church front.  Last Sunday we voted for our Vestry and Diocesan Council Representative.  These folks govern our congregation and our Diocese.  This Friday and Saturday our Diocesan Council will meet in Houston for our annual convention.  Millions of dollars will be allocated; mission priorities will be set forth; the tone of our ministry and our moral priorities will be articulated.  These things matter.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower those gathered in Council with wisdom and compassion.  Ask that those gathered will garner power not for ego, but for service.

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