Death and Transformation

White LilyDeath and resurrection are the two poles around which the Christian life rotates.  This elemental rhythm of the life of Jesus is the one his friends dance to as well.  We see this transformation happening all around us because we are looking for it.

Last Sunday as we celebrated the witnessing and blessing of Gary Patterson and Jeff Meadow’s lifelong covenant.  The sense of resurrection joy was palpable.  The love in the room genuinely lifted the rafters.  The music soared.  The smiles were contagious.

Our sense of resurrection sprang from our previous experiences of death, which, of course, take many forms as well.  Some of us are carrying the cross of weariness.  Others of us have suffered estrangement from our families.  Others of us bear the stripes of the culture wars.  Death bears down on us and yet is not the final word in God’s vocabulary.

Transformation happens!  What was dead becomes reborn.  Hopelessness succumbs to possibility.  As we begin our walk into Holy Week this Sunday, let us become mindful of God’s beat in the world around us and within us.  Let’s use this time to reclaim the dance of our faith.

One of the ways we observe resurrection is to offer thanks for special people and to remember  those who have died by offering flowers at  Easter.  If you’d like to order lilies, and see our Easter Sunday activity schedule, please click here.


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