In the End, We Are All Americans

In preparation for the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, we are reposting the Rev. Hunt’s blog from May 9, 2012.

From the Rector

We are living at a crossroads moment in history.  As a church and a country we are facing a fundamental choice about how we will be with each other.  Will we be fundamentalist in our interpretation of our foundational texts, be they the Bible or the Constitution?  Or can we risk interpreting our sacred documents in light of current experience and unfolding truth?  What about the human costs of our interpretations?

Today was a whipsaw kind of day, where I stood at the center of the cross.  I listened to the Diane Rhem Show on the radio as she and her guests discussed the results of the North Carolina vote to change their state constitution to define marriage and prohibit civil unions.  The guests who were for the change in the constitution were more articulate and fervent in my view.  The speakers advocating for civil unions and marriage equality spoke…

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