Vestry Prepares for Planning Retreat: March 1

On January 19 the parish held its Annual Meeting.  The Vestry reported on mission priorities discerned through their work and members of the congregation gave feedback to the Vestry about what was missing, and also shared their vision and ranked priorities for the parish.   The results have now been collated.

The congregation ranked the priorities in the following order:

  1. Development of ways to deepen spirituality outside of Sunday morning worship;
  2. Execute the Capital Campaign;
  3. Develop lay leadership;
  4. Engage in effective advertising and marketing efforts to enhance evangelism;
  5. Deepen our capacity for mission partnership with other organizations, beginning with our School.

This contrasted with the Vestry’s rankings:

  1. Advertising and marketing;
  2. Spirituality outside of Sunday;
  3. Lay leadership development;
  4. Capital Campaign;
  5. Partnership.

The congregation identified an explicit commitment to outreach as missing from the Vestry report.

The vestry is taking the feedback to heart as it creates the strategic plan for the congregation through 2020 at its retreat on March 1.  Keep our leaders in your prayers that they might have courage and discerning ears.


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